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Every Building or Memorial that I visited had some sort of scaffolding or repair work being performed upon it.

Our country, continually trying to improve itself.
129.  US Capitol130.  US Capitol With Scaffolding131. Mall, Washington D.C.132. Vietnam War Memorial And Washington Monument133. Vietnam War Memorial,  Horizontal, Color134. Vietnam War Memorial, Vertical, B+W135. Lincoln Steps,  B+W136. Lincoln Memorial137. Washington Monument From Lincolm Memorial138.  Washington Monument B+W139. Korean War Memorial, Color140. Korean War Memorial,  B+W214. Korean War Memorial 1999215. POW-MIA Flag with Washington Monument 1999216. Korean War Memorial Soldiers, 1999217. Vietnam War Memorial 1999137. Lincoln Steps,  B+W132. Korean War Memorial Soldiers, 1999130.  US Capitol With Scaffolding

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