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01. Circa 1920's Ambassador Hotel02. New School July 4, 2010 050758.  November 2005 Pylon Sign04.  Pylon Sign 5-13-200805.05. Pylon Sign and School  7-2010  0478196. Ambassador Hotel Entrance Sign06. 3-26-06  Base of Fountain07.07. 4-23-10  Base of Fountain 42308. 7-2010 base of Statue DSCN049010. 4-23-2010 New School and RFK Memorial10. 7-2010 New Statue DSCN048910. Lobby11. Former Lobby12. 7-2010 New Statue DSCN049313. East Side of New School 04-24-10   047513. Vines Inside a Bungalow  11-5-200417. Embassy18.

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